Ok Ji Radda entered Seoul National University (Seoul, Korea), Fine Arts College in 1962, transferred to Colorado College in 1963, and in 1967 graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with B.A. in Painting and Art Education. In 1990, she received M.A.T. in Painting and Art Education from Portland State University.

After receiving her B.A., she taught high school art in Atlanta, Georgia. Ok Ji returned to Korea and taught at the American Defense Department High School and later worked as a designer for the renowned Chosun Hotel in Seoul, Korea.

After marriage, Ok Ji and her husband, Jim, moved to Portland, Oregon. She taught at Jefferson High School and later at Portsmouth Middle School. She also taught drawing and was the Mayer Gallery Director at Marylhurst University.

From 1972 to 1975, she owned and directed Goh Mok Gallery in Lake Oswego, Oregon until her husband's job relocated them to Indonesia for nine years. While in Indonesia, she taught art at the International Schools in Jakarta and Semarang. Ok Ji also taught at Diponegoro University, Department of Architecture, in Semarang, Central Java. Additionally, she learned and researched Javanese batik.

From 1990 to 1993, her husband's job took Ok Ji and her family to Bangkok, Thailand. While in Bangkok, she continued to paint and participated in group shows and produced a solo exhibition.

Upon returning to Portland in 1993, she joined Portland Art Museum's Docent program and served for four years. As a member of Reed College Women's Committee, Ok Ji helped raise scholarship funds. She served as a board member of Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center (IFCC), a multicultural arts organization in Portland.

In 1995, Ok Ji produced a multi-faceted Indonesian Textile Exhibition from her personal collection and many years of research. The exhibit included educational components: regional patterns, history and demonstrations of the resist textile process. She included performances of shadow puppet shows, music (Gamelan) and Balinese Mask Dance. In 2001, she produced a solo exhibition at IFCC in Portland.

Languages have been a great interest to her. Ok Ji studied Indonesian and Thai while living in both countries. She studied Mandarin Chinese at Reed College for four years and three months at Xiamen University, in China. She speaks Korean, English, and Indonesian fluently and has conversational ability in Thai and Mandarin Chinese.

Ok Ji's work has been represented by the Portland Art Museum, Rental Sales Gallery since 1996. She has a studio at home.