My paintings are usually my journals, with pictures instead of words. Some are more narrative than others. My subjects are people or places that made impressions or events that have disturbed me.

I approach my work with neither a totally emotional impulse nor with a singularly intellectual analysis and control.The choice of the subjects could be considered emotional, but I strive to achieve a balance of impulse, imagination, and application of knowledge about composition, line, and color. My earlier technical training allows me to try many styles from realistic to abstract.

My style of painting varies depending on the subject. Some ideas can be more expressionistic, but if the subjects are a specific person or place they become more representational.

My subjects are sometimes a social comment such as "Family in Bo-ja-gi (Wrapping) and Empty Family", about the breakdown of my own tightly-knit traditional family. "Return to Earth" is about my father's traditional funeral. I also paint my garden where I nurture shared or rescued plants, and I paint my travels.

I use many mediums but mainly oil, gouache, sumi ink, and water color. The gouache and sumi ink on mulberry paper paintings are stretched and laminated on another thin mulberry paper as Asian scrolls are mounted.